Library for performing Pinback requests (Pingback 1.0 compliant)

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What is this!

Library for performing Pingback requests in a simple way (Pingback 1.0 compliant).

Pingback-PHP is Pingback 1.0 standard specification compliant. Please refer to its original webpage to get deeper information about how it works.

A quick example:

To inform to this article that you have referenced it from one of your posts by using the Pingback protocol, you can make it like this:

// Prepare the Pingback client
$requestHandler = new Pingback\RequestHandler();
$client = new Pingback\Client($requestHandler);

// Perform the pingback call
try {


} catch (Pingback\Exception $e) {
  printf("Exception raised with code (%d) : %s\n", $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());


Pingback-PHP raises different exceptions if some error happens in the target server or between client-server communication.

All the exceptions has a direct correlation with the server reported faults:

So take care of this raised exceptions in your code.

Install it!

  1. Just put in one of your include_path folders, and make sure to use an PSR-0-compatible autoloader.


This library only depends on PHP 5.3, you have to use namespaces and some other goodies of 5.3 version.

Please don't ask for PHP < 5.3 support, you shouldn't use PHP 5.2.

Test it!

Help us to mantain this library updated. Run our unit tests with phpunit to give us feedback about what doesn't work.

For running tests:

  1. Install in your system PHPUnit:
  2. And simply run phpunit from the root of projct: phpunit

Build Status

And... what else?

If you find a bug or want to suggest a new video service, please let us know in a ticket.